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Mortgage Loan Application

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The first step towards getting a home loan is to submit an online Loan Application to get pre-qualified. The application should take you about fifteen minutes to complete and upon receipt we will create a mortgage profile, pull a credit report, and call you to review the details and discuss the next course of action. The next step will be to submit your Supporting Documents so we can get your Pre-Approved and issue the pre-approval letter.





Pre-Qualification Highlights

  • It takes 15 minutes
  • It’s free
  • There’s no obligation
  • It won’t hurt your credit (see our Credit Overview section)
  • It’s valid for 60 days (or until something changes)
  • Anyone on the loan needs to apply (and it’s recommended to include a spouse’s information to ensure we can explore all loan options)

How Long Does A Pre-Qualification  Take?

The application should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Upon receipt we will call you to verify the information submitted and discuss a few additional topics not covered in the application. Afterwards, we will issue you a pre-qualification letter (PQ Letter) within a few business hours.

Does Applying For A Home Loan Hurt My Credit?

No. It does not hurt your credit scores when your credit is pulled to get pre-qualified for a mortgage home loan. Think about it this way: the credit bureaus don’t want to discourage consumers from being informed consumers and exploring options. You credit scores can be adversely impacted for multiple inquiries and credit pulls for revolving credit (i.e. opening multiple credit cards).

Should I Provide My Spouse’s Information?

Maybe. Some loans, like FHA, do require a spouse’s debts be considered in qualifying for a mortgage home loan (in community property states); therefore, we do recommend submitting a spouse’s information when get pre-qualified for a home loan. That said, we are able to remove a borrower with the click of a few if we do not need or want your spouse to be on the loan.

How Much Does A Pre-Qualification Cost?

Nothing. There is no cost and no obligation for getting pre-qualified for a mortgage home loan. We incur the cost of the credit report and are happy to do so for the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence to become your Mortgage Professional of choice.

What Is A Pre-Qualification Letter?

A Pre-Qualification Letter (PQ letter) is the precursor to a Pre-Approval Letter and is issued by the lender and provides proof of the Buyer’s ability to obtain financing. Sellers want to know that they are working with qualified buyers before they accept an offer and take their home off the market.

How Long Is A Pre-Qualification Valid?

A pre-qualification letter is typically valid for 60 days; however it can become invalid if any significant factors should change (such as a decrease in credit scores, loss of employment, a reduction in assets, etc.). To update a pre-qualification requires that the lender pull another credit report and update the loan application information.